Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Liz Ramey received an endorsement for school board in Allendale, Michigan.

Amber Ciesielski

“It is my pleasure to endorse Liz Ramey for APS school board. Liz is an incredibly driven woman, who actively volunteers her time and energy to the school sports programs, as well as helping in her children’s classrooms whenever the opportunity arises. She values freedom and family, and has been a present and active participant at school board meetings. She is anxious to be a voice for parents and students. Her tenacity and integrity shine through in everything she tackles. As an active member in the community, she spent many hours volunteering as one of the directors for Allendale Little League last spring/summer, she also coached basketball in a local program. Liz is always giving of her time and energy, and her conservative values set her apart from other candidates. In the 6 years that I’ve know her I have been blown away by her dedication to preserve parental rights, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure our children are getting the absolute best education we can offer them. Please consider giving her your vote, she will not let us down.”

Mike Joseph

“I have lived in Allendale since 1990, starting as a GVSU student and now a long-time resident with 3 children in the Allendale Public School system. I have not only seen Allendale grow and prosper, but the school systems as well. My wife of 19 years is a public school teacher as well.

I would like to recommend Liz Ramey for a school board position. The growth and prosperity of the school system is driven by people like Liz. An employee with a West Michigan company, a mother of 2 children who attend Allendale Public Schools, and a volunteer in the Allendale Little League. Liz has the knowledge and fortitude to help Allendale Public Schools to continue to prosper into the future; always conscience of the many young people who attend and will attend our schools for years to come. The school system will be better because of people like Liz.”

Laura Hostege

“It’s my pleasure to endorse Liz for this upcoming school board race. I’ve come to know her as a woman of faith and integrity. She is passionate about instilling strong values in our children that will promote a generation of critical thinkers. Liz is always willing to help and not afraid to take action.”

Corey Sobeck

“Dear Members of the Allendale Community,

I am writing in support of Dr. Elizabeth Ramey for Allendale School Board. I first met Dr. Ramey as she pursued her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at GVSU. We also serve on the Allendale Little League Board together. Dr. Ramey is very passionate about learning evidenced by her earned doctoral degree, but her credentials don’t tell the entire story. She is incredibly dedicated to all forms of learning both traditional and non-traditional. Physical Therapy includes practice of both academic knowledge and applied skills which involves traditional classroom as well as laboratory and clinical rotation learning. I am confident that she be a strong advocate for all forms of learning experiences for our students. Dr. Ramey is also very dedicated to the Allendale community. She has served on the Allendale Little League Board for this past year, and she is one of our most involved board members. She is very reliable in completing tasks thoroughly and efficiently and demonstrates initiative and creativity naturally. I feel that Dr. Ramey would be a valuable asset to the Allendale School Board, and I strongly support her in that role.”

Lauryn Allen

“Over the summer I had the opportunity to watch Liz’s children and see the behind the scenes of her life. Her children are her life. She spends the day working and her evenings dedicated to the boys, either taking them to their sporting events, making snacks or standing up for them at school board meetings. She is attentive, passionate, and steadfast in her determination to keep parents involved in their children’s education and make Allendale a great place to raise a family.”

Kelly Ashbay

“Liz has a strong work ethic and is driven to do what is right. She is consistent, passionate and reasonable. She is consistently volunteering her time with the school and organizations here in Allendale. She is involved and devoted to making a wonderful school experience for all students.”

Todd Allen

“It’s my privilege to endorse Liz Ramey for the Allendale Board of Education. She is above all a dedicated mother who cares deeply about both her own and other children’s education. Her passion for research and education and willingness to fight is inspiring. During Covid, she was a source of hope and knowledge to many around her. I have every confidence Liz will stand strong and defend our kids.”

Krista (Wieland) Yetzke

Allendale High School parent and graduate

“Liz Ramey is a powerful combination of heart, smarts and work ethic, which is exactly what we need on the Allendale School board. As a parent and physical therapist, she is dedicated to ensuring each child is given the tools and opportunities to thrive. When questionable healthcare policies and inappropriate classroom material began affecting her family and our community, Liz dug deep to educate herself until she knew how to make a difference. She works hard. Liz has her doctorate, has risen to the top in her field, coaches little league and has immersed herself into learning how to make our school better. Led by her faith in Jesus Christ, Liz will stand firm to protect the innocence of our kids while encouraging their character. I’m honored to give my endorsement for Liz and forever grateful for her willingness to step into this important role for such a time as this.”